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ConTeXt Group Journal 2011

Context Group Brand - Design and Implementation
Willi Egger
CG Journal 2011, p. 5-9
abstract: This article describes the development of the corporate identity for the Context Group, and presents the work done so far. It also provides background information on the processes that apply when working with a professional designer. The most important is to take care that the brand grows steadily and in a stable manner, and therefore remains recognizable.
5-9.pdf (350kb)

Context Group - General Info and Bylaws
Willi Egger
CG Journal 2011, p. 10-18
abstract: Now that we are up and running it is a good idea to present the association's data to all members. Furthermore we consider it important that the bylaws are public to all members. This article shows you the basic association's data and provides you a copy of the bylaws as of November 2012.
10-18.pdf (436kb)

CG Journal 2011, p. 19-20

Migration to ConTeXt? - First experience with ConTeXt typesetting
Tomáš Hála
CG Journal 2011, p. 21-25
abstract: Human beings are dependent on their environment. What will happen when they leave it? After a number of years spent in LaTeX civilisation, the author decided to fly the track and tried ConTeXt for book publishing. He would like to share his first experience, i.e. feelings (positive, of course), reasons, problems, solutions, confusions, etc., which among other things might serve as feedback useful for writing documentation. This paper covers the author's experience with some necessary elements for typesetting books, e.g., layout setup, grid, structural markup, etc. For simplifing the typesetter's work, a few improvements have been proposed.
21-25.pdf (278kb)

Metapost 1.750: numerical engines
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2011, p. 26-30
abstract: After two years of talks about future plans for MetaPost 2.0, there is finally real progress being made. This paper will introduce a pre-release of MetaPost 2 that can optionally use IEEE floating points for its internal calculations instead of the traditional 32-bit integers.
26-30.pdf (245kb)

Extending ConTeXt MkIV with GraphicsMagick
Luigi Scarso
CG Journal 2011, p. 31-40
abstract: In this paper we will show a Lua binding to the GraphicsMagick library, a C library for manipulating bitmap images. After some examples of combining Lua and ConTeXt, we will show an application that exhibits the particular characteristics of the table and function of Lua.
31-40.pdf (1701kb)

Drawing graphs with MetaPost
Alan Braslau
CG Journal 2011, p. 41-55
abstract: The graphical representation of data is discussed.
41-55.pdf (2862kb)

Using ConTeXt to process XML - Presentations in XML with the simpleslides module — a tutorial
Thomas A. Schmitz
CG Journal 2011, p. 56-65
abstract: XML has become the de-facto standard for information exchange. It is a highly versatile and flexible markup language which can be processed in many different ways. ConTeXt MkIV has sophisticated and powerful tools to process XML. This article will show how you can write presentations in XML and process them in ConTeXt.
56-65.pdf (492kb)

E-books: Old wine in new bottles
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2011, p. 66-74
66-74.pdf (956kb)

Tagged PDF
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2011, p. 75-84
75-84.pdf (897kb)

LuaTeX Lua modules on Linux
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2011, p. 85-86
abstract: How to use the dynamic Lua module loading abilities in LuaTeX under Linux or similar systems.
85-86.pdf (103kb)

A Renaissance Ball
Mari Voipio
CG Journal 2011, p. 87-89
abstract: On Thursday evening we moved 500 years back in time to attend an evening's entertainment in a Renaissance court. Music was provided by Maaike Boekholt and Regina Albanez of the Dutch Renaissance/Baroque ensemble La Primavera, and I acted as the dancemaster for the evening. As was customary at this type of occasion, a table was set aside for refreshments, our wonderful host Jan providing fruit and nuts of all sorts to add to my Renaissance cookies.
87-89.pdf (1275kb)

To make bisket bread stiff - Cookies with coriander and aniseed
Mari Voipio
CG Journal 2011, p. 90-91
90-91.pdf (226kb)

Typesetting in Lua using LuaTeX
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2011, p. 92-107
92-107.pdf (731kb)

Handling Math: A retrospective
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2011, p. 108-112
abstract: In this article I will reflect on how the plain TeX approach to math fonts influenced the way math has been dealt with in ConTeXt MkII and why (and how) we diverge from it in MkIV, now that LuaTeX and OpenType math have come around.
108-112.pdf (247kb)

OpenType math font development: Progress and Challenges
Ulrik Vieth
CG Journal 2011, p. 113-120
abstract: One of the main reasons for the development of the LuaTeX engine has been to provide support for Unicode and OpenType font technology, which by extension implies support for Unicode math and OpenType math as well. One important ingredient is the development of full-featured OpenType math fonts, which are needed to replace traditional math font technology. In this paper, we review recent progress in OpenType math font development as well as the many challenges faced by font developers of OpenType math fonts.
113-120.pdf (1749kb)

5th ConTeXt Meeting
Michael Guravage
CG Journal 2011, p. 121-125
121-125.pdf (6202kb)

Abstracts without papers
Various authors
CG Journal 2011, p. 126-127
126-127.pdf (89kb)

Participant list of the 5th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2011, p. 128