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ConTeXt Group Journal 2016

CG Journal 2016, p. 5-6
5-6.pdf (57kb)

Happy Birthday, ConTeXt!
Henning Hraban Ramm
CG Journal 2016, p. 7-10
abstract: Beim diesjährigen Treffen der ConTeXt-Freunde kamen mehrere runde Jubiläen zusammen: Vor 10 Jahren wurde die ConTeXt group gegründet, seit 20 Jahren gibt es ConTeXt, und seit 30 Jahren Pragma ADE, die Firma, die ConTeXt maßgeblich entwickelt hat. Zusätzlich wird seit 10 Jahren an LuaTeX gearbeitet, das während dieser Veranstaltung in der stabilen Version 1.00 freigegeben wurde. Es gab also mehrere Anlässe zum Feiern!
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School math
Ton Otten
CG Journal 2016, p. 11-22
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Color fonts
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2016, p. 23-24
abstract: A recent new (and evolving) addition to OPENTYPE is colored glyphs. One variant (by MICROSOFT) uses overlays and this method is quite e cient.
23-24.pdf (114kb)

Cowfont update
Taco Hoekwater & Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2016, p. 25-30
abstract: After ten years, the ‘koeieletters’ font is ready for an update. The new version uses OpenType technology to combine the existing four PostScript Type 1 fonts into a single TrueType font. It’s sort of a coincidence that at the tenth ConTEXt meeting, the font also celebrates its tenth birthday.
25-30.pdf (914kb)

Typesetting Blackletter Fonts
Tobias Berndt
CG Journal 2016, p. 31-35
31-35.pdf (12543kb)

Good old times?
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2016, p. 36-37
36-37.pdf (78kb)

Piece of Cake Workshop
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2016, p. 38-39
abstract: When a piece of cake is desired, one rst needs to have access to a cake.
38-39.pdf (79kb)

Harald König
CG Journal 2016, p. 40
40.pdf (69kb)

Carrot Cake
Giuanna Egger
CG Journal 2016, p. 41
abstract: We had great fun making special cakes for each co ee/thea-break. This is the recipe for the “Aargauer Rüeblitorte” from Switzerland, a cake which is famous in our family, based on hazelnuts and carrots.
41.pdf (61kb)

MetaPost update
Luigi Scarso
CG Journal 2016, p. 42-46
abstract: This is a short update on the status of solving a MetaPost bug on the envelope of a polygonal pen.
42-46.pdf (94kb)

Diagrams using MetaPost
Alan Braslau
CG Journal 2016, p. 47-54
47-54.pdf (137kb)

LuaTeX version 1.0.0
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2016, p. 55-57
55-57.pdf (595kb)

Processing of delimiter separated values in ConTeXt
Tomáš Hála
CG Journal 2016, p. 58-69
abstract: It happens often that data for typesetting comes from other than TeX sources. In such a situation, the use of delimiter separated values belongs to quite frequent ways of data transfer.
Methods used for processing of delimiter separated values (including external files) will be reviewed across TeX implementations, with emphasis on ConTeXt solutions (m-database, HandleCSV, etc.). The related topic – computing à la spreadsheets (m-spreadsheet) – will be also covered.
Finally, some simple algorithms for easy extensions of the repertoir of tools will be presented, such as alternative reading and writing module, some simple computations on table/columns, and simple chart drawing (with lua and MetaPost).
The aim of this paper is not only to review existing tools, but also to open discussion about data processing, about users needs, and developers possibilities.
58-69.pdf (192kb)

Sing Happy Birthday
Henning Hraban Ramm
CG Journal 2016, p. 70-74
abstract: Musical typesetting with GNU LilyPond
70-74.pdf (274kb)

Manuals in the distribution
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2016, p. 75-76
abstract: In addition to macros and resources, since the beginning of 2016 the distribution also contains more documentation and examples of presentations. About 30 manuals are now shipped, some 10 are being updated and not yet there, and probably more will follow. Those manuals are for MkIV but on the website we still provide all the MkII ones. The manuals use the mentioned fonts.
75-76.pdf (68kb) update
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2016, p. 77-78
abstract: The third-party ConTeXt module list has been rewritten and is now once again func- tional. The original Ruby on Rails application written by Patrick Gundlach had not worked properly for at least a year due to using a now obsolete version of Rails, and now a complete rewrite has been done based on the TLContrib perl source code.
77-78.pdf (77kb)

Errata 2015 issue
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2016, p. 79
79.pdf (60kb)

Abstracts without papers
CG Journal 2016, p. 80-84
80-84.pdf (93kb)

Participant list of the 10th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2016, p. 85

Minutes Membersmeeting 2016
CG Journal 2016, p. 86