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ConTeXt Group Journal 2018

CG Journal 2018, p. 5-6
5-6.pdf (54kb)

A use case for \valign
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2018, p. 7-18
abstract: The TeX primitive command \halign is the backbone of traditional macros for predominantly horizontal tabular material. Its companion primitive \valign can be used for predominantly vertical material, but column-based tabular material is rare so there is no built-in support for it in ConTeXt. Since I was required to typeset a table using vertical alignment, I wrote a small set of higher-level macros to allow use of \valign in a ConTeXt-friendly manner.
7-18.pdf (233kb)

Using TeXLua for track plan graphics
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2018, p. 19-33
abstract: TeXLua, combined with some of the Lua library files from ConTeXt, can easily be used to do parsing of almost any file format. I plan on using that approach to generate graphics from my model railroad track plan that is itself designed in XtrackCAD. The lpeg library and some helpers are used to parse the file format and generate MetaPost source that will be converted into png images.
19-33.pdf (249kb)

mtxrun scripts
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2018, p. 34-43
abstract: The mtxrun command allows the execution of separate scripts. Most of these are written by Hans, and he occasionally creates new ones. This article will go through the mtxrun options, the scripts in the distribution, and show you how to write your own scripts.
34-43.pdf (126kb)

From Lua 5.2 to 5.3
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2018, p. 44-49
44-49.pdf (79kb)

Executing TeX
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2018, p. 50-56
50-56.pdf (75kb)

Alan Braslau
CG Journal 2018, p. 57-82
abstract: The graphical representation of textual diagrams is presented.
57-82.pdf (1028kb)

Font installation example: IBM Plex
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2018, p. 83-94
abstract: Installing and using a new font family for use with ConTeXt is not all that hard, but it can be a bit daunting for an inexperienced user. This article shows an example using the free font family ‘IBM Plex’.
83-94.pdf (125kb)

Unifraktur Maguntia
Willi Egger
CG Journal 2018, p. 95-102
abstract: For those who grew up (partly) with books typeset with blackletter, this typesetting still has some attraction. – There are quite some blackletter fonts out there, however not many are complete or offer the features required for this kind of typesetting. Unifraktur Maguntia is an example of a fairly complete blackletter font and it comes in the open type format as a ttf font. Here I want to present some of the properties and possibilities of this font.
95-102.pdf (516kb)

ConTeXt-Meeting 2018
Doris Behrendt & Henning Hraban Ramm
CG Journal 2018, p. 103-113
103-113.pdf (30832kb)

Abstracts without papers
CG Journal 2018, p. 114-115
114-115.pdf (54kb)

Minutes Membersmeeting 2018
CG Journal 2018, p. 116-120

Participant list of the 12th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2018, p. 121
121.pdf (42kb)