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PRAGMA Advanced Document Engineering
page imposition

This script provides an interface to CONTEXT's page imposition features.

combine PDF files

Here you can create sheets with multiple pages from one or more PDF documents.

typeset file listings

There is minimal typesetting involved in this interface: just a file listing.

process MathML snippets

Here you can enter MATHML code and test in what way you can control the output.

process TEX math

Here you can enter math in the TEXy way. Don't provide dollars since you get them for free.

process calculator math

Here you can enter math in a quite natural way, similar to the way you enter math in calculators used in schools.

test the fonts of TEXLIVE

You can use this interface to play with (combinations of) the fonts that come with most TEX distributions.

practicing writing skill

You can use this (dutch) interface to practice your handwriting, or let your kids practice theirs.


This is an interface to GHOSTSCRIPT, especially the POSTSCRIPT to PDF converter.

typeset labels

This interface can be used to generate sheets with labels (stickers) or other grid oriented content. Each label is a separate page, and multiple pages are collected on a sheet.