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CONTEXT LMTX is a self contained installation of the CONTEXT macro package. It is the follow up on MKII and MKIV and uses the LUAMETATEX engine. We have installers for the following 64 bit operating systems:

For the moment we still have this 32 bit installer:

Installation is straightforward (on paper):

On WINDOWS you can best run the script as administrator because that will use shortcuts to programs instead of copies which is more efficient. There you can also run the setpath.bat file.

You can update an installation by running the same script again. Keep an eye on developments (via the mailing list). This follow up is relatively new and experimental but will eventually be the main setup.

Where MKII runs on top of PDFTEX and XETEX, and MKIV on top of LUATEX, LMTX uses LUAMETATEX (but it can use LUATEX too). This installation contains only the MKIV files but we do offer the usual zip files with all files. The TEX tree contains all documentation and some example files. Support is provided at:

The source code of LUAMETATEX is part of the regular CONTEXT distribution so that users have an complete archival snapshot bundle. One option is to install a TEX tree using:

You can compile LUAMETATEX in the source directory and populate the platform specific tree with the result.

If you want more information about CONTEXT and what kind of extra support we can provide, you can always contact us.

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