PRAGMA Advanced Document Engineering
The NTG MAPS bibliography, from SGML to TEX to PDF

A few years ago the NTG decided to put their MAPS volumes on the internet in the PDF file format. At about the same time, it was decided to build the associated bibliography, in such a way that it could be used to produce both a HTML and PDF document.

Recently the MAPS bibliography has been converted to a proper XML document source. In the process the descriptions were made as consistent as possible. The XML source was used as input for a PDF document with extensive browse and search options. This PDF file, along with the MAPS articles, is provided to NTG members as an additional service.

In this article the electronic NTG MAPS will be presented and the specific characteristics of the production process will be explained. Also, some of the complicating aspects will be discussed. I assume that the reader is familiar with XML and TEX. The focus will be on the interfacing between XML, TEX and PDF.

Remark: the current interface may differ from the one described here.