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LuaMetaTeX roadmap

Progress, experiments, new features etc. are described in various documents that come with the CONTEXT distribution, like followingup.pdf, articles in user group journals, and presentations at meetings (of which some are also available in the distribution). Here are some of the highlights.

Binaries for multiple platforms are compiled on the compile farm but eventually users can do that themselves because there are no dependencies (GCC, CLANG and MSVC all work okay). The whole codebase stays below 12MB (around 2MB compressed).

We started LUATEX in 2005, froze it after more than a decade with version 1, had a few succesive updates, and picked up more fundamental development with LUAMETATEX in 2018. Beginning 2021 most has been realized and we entered the stage of stabilization.

There are plans for future experiments but it depends on CONTEXT users demands. First the engine has to be stable.

If you are (interested in) using it or want support you can join the CONTEXT mailing list, have a look at the CONTEXTGARDEN, or just contact us.